Right in the heart of the school lies an exclusive building christened ' The Activity block ' buzzing with activity and dedicated to the teaching and learning of a plethora of  Performing Arts namely : all genres of Dance , Indian music, Western music and Percussion instruments to an enormous number of enthusiastic learners. It also comprises of a well equipped Infirmary which caters to the  medical needs of almost 4500 students. Three very modern and well furnished computer laboratories are also in this block with a dedicated staff room for the Computer teachers. It also houses the kitchen for the cafeteria drooling out healthy snacks for the learners.

Guidance and counselling are important for children, and schools have a huge role in bringing out the best in their students. Good conduct is coveted, but sometimes young minds need guidance to polish their personality. APS takes prides in the fact that it possess an exclusive Counselling and Learning Cell with trained counsellors who work in tandem with the teachers and advise students on how to cope with different situations they tend to face in their school life.