If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need.

The school has a sprawling 1600 square meter Herbal garden. The garden is a repository of over fifty varieties of plants of ornamental and medicinal value.They are extensively used as teaching aids to introduce students to the joys of Botany.

Happiness blooms where seeds of love and joy are planted.

Students are regularly taken for a walk through the garden to bring them closer to nature. To add a green touch to their classrooms they are given small plants to grow in small planters.


The glory of gardening, hands in the dirt, Head in the sun,heart with nature….

The students of the school led by volunteers of the Ecology club regularly conduct tree plantation drives. The child who plants a tree is also encouraged to nurture it.As the tiny plant struggles to establish itself under the watchful eye of the child, itgenerates love for nature in the little hearts. It also inculcates values like patience and the ability to face setbacks in life.

Those who labour in the earth are the chosen people of God.

The school has a team of dedicated gardeners.They tenderly nurture each and every plant in the garden. They toil tirelessly to maintain an extensive nursery.It provides round the year supply of vegetative propagules and seeds for the huge greens of the school.Indeed, the school Herbal garden brings joy to the heart of everyone who visits the school.